What’s the Big Deal?

Here in New Zealand litter is a big problem. But it's a big problem with a small, simple solution. Let's all take some responsibility for putting rubbish in its place.

When you are about to drop a piece of litter – don't even think about it. Even if you are alone – you're not - we're all in this together. If you see someone else about to litter – just let them know – litter goes in the right place because it’s just how we do things around here.

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See Who’s Making the “Be a Tidy Kiwi” Pledge

"I'm a tidy kiwi and I promise to put litter in its place… I'm in - are you?"

Grab your phone and make a video selfie with you or a group of your friends making the pledge - upload it to your Facebook or Instagram and challenge your friends to do the same. When you share use the hashtags #bandtogethernz #beatidykiwi

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It’s Just How We Do Things Round Here

“It's just how we do things round here” is our new anthem to encourage everyone to do the right thing and put litter in its place. We all need to band together to play our part to keep Aotearoa beautiful. You can download or stream the song from your favourite service - iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp. We'd like you to take the pledge and share it with your friends and whānau… challenge them to do the same.

When you share use the hashtags #bandtogethernz #beatidykiwi

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Litter Report

$14 Million

It costs around $14 Million per year to clean up litter from our streets – other than the environmental harm – imagine what you could use $14 million for…

Visible Litter

56% of visible litter is packaging (visible litter is larger than a bottle top) Paper is the top visible litter item. Cigarette butts are the main small litter item.


Almost 1 in 3 Aucklanders were observed littering - and it's not just a problem in Auckland … let's be tidy Kiwis and put litter in its place… It's just how we do things round here.

Play the Waste Time Game

Do you really know where to place your waste responsibly?

Play the Waste Time game to find out if your recycling knowledge is up to scratch!

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